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About us

We at Mini Zoo Rinaldi have a passion that we have managed to transform into work. We breed and sell turtles and exotic animals and have been doing it with love since 1984.
Antonio Rinaldi, father of the current owner Denis, managed, starting from a simple idea, to create a place where his love for exotic animals coexist with work.
Denis Rinaldi, together with his staff and family, today takes care of every aspect of the company to always provide excellent service and products.

Over the years business has expanded and now the structure covers an area of 45.000 square meters. Following the growth of the business, we have also implemented a shipping service for accessories and products throughout Italy and abroad.
We have many different types of animals and a passion for each of them: reptiles, turtles, small and large mammals, birds, all of them are equally important to us.

We take care of their well-being thanks to our highly qualified staff experience, as well as with the help of competent veterinarians, all supervised by the “Corpo Forestale dello Stato” and the Health Service Institute.
All our animals are sold with regular documentation and we are very careful about their health. For us they are not simply animals, but life companions.
We hope to convey our same philosophy to anyone who approaches them.