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Complete basic food and suitable for daily use.
Composed of flours, proteins and enriched with spirulina, Vitamin A, D3, E: creates the right balance of necessary substances and helps to maintain a vibrant coloring of the specimen.

Composition: wheat, soy flour, corn gluten, fish meal, wheat gluten, fish oil, spirulina, alfalfa protein concentrate.

Administration: administer several times a day, as much as turtles or cosmetics in 5-10 minutes.

Available in 2 sizes: 3mm and 6mm
Packaging: 330ml

Created by Mini Zoo Rinaldi!
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  • 3 mm
  • 6 mm
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basic turtle complete food for turtles floating base for daily use and enriched with spirulina administer several times a day as much as turtles consume in five or ten minutes contains wheat soy flour but corn gluten and wheat fishmeal spirulina fish oil and alfalfa protein concentrate vitamin to vitamin d3 d 3 vitamin and vitamin c ground turtles aquatic food cibop mazuri mini zoo di rinaldi denis gatteo reptiles