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NEKTON-Rep contains 12 vitamins, 6 trace elements, 2 amino acids and calcium.  NEKTON-Rep increases the speed of skin formation and promotes the functionality of the mucous membranes, as well as the entire energy metabolism of the animal and promotes growth.  Animals with vitamin/mineral deficiencies are usually not very active, NEKTON-Rep compensates for these nutritional deficiencies and animals are again much more vital.  Symptoms of paralysis, such as leg dragging, are prevented by regular administration of NEKTON-Rep. NEKTON-Rep has a positive effect on the development of muscles, glands and nervous system.  NEKTON-Rep also increases the fertility and foudibility of embryos of amphibians and reptiles.

Food recommendation:

NEKTON-Rep is soluble in water and can be easily administered via drinking water or as powder via feed animals.  0,25 g NEKTON-Rep per kg body weight per day or 1,5 g once a week.
A level measuring cup (included) corresponds to 1 g of NEKTON-Rep.

Available in packs of:
35g €10
75g €15
€ 15,00



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