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The Manitoba High Germination mixture consists of seeds with a high germinability.

Germination is the process in which the seed awakens from the quiescent state; a fundamental element in this process is the presence of water which, by entering the dehydrated dormant seed, favors the enzymatic reactions that make the reserve substances more assimilable: nutrients such as vitamins, enzymes, trace elements, essential amino acids of which the germinated seed is very rich. These result a lot of appetite, besides to carry out in the females a stimulating action to the imbecco.

The nutritional transformations that take place in the germination however do not significantly change the percentage content of the various nutrients, with the exception of vitamins that in some cases increase significantly, but only the digestibility of these, therefore, adequate protein and energy integration cannot be dispensed with in livestock farming. The "Dolce Forno" pastoncini, besides guaranteeing the contribution of noble proteins (eggs and derivatives), provide highly digestible energy from thermally treated starches, ideal for the still incomplete enzymatic equipment of the young. In the specific the Manitoba High Germination is indicated for medium-small size subjects such as Canaries, Carduelids, Diamantines, Cocorite, etc... (
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