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White soft high protein ideal for breeding. Suitable for cove and nestlings.
White soft with high protein value ideal for breeding. Suitable for the brooding period and nestlings.
Soft white paste "highly" professional, formulated with innovative ingredients of the highest quality, seeds, egg whites and proteins noble high biological value.
It contains prebiotics, probiotics and natural substances useful to regulate and balance the intestinal bacterial flora, improve digestion and assimilation of nutrients. It does not contain dyes or ingredients that could cause alteration in the natural coloring of the plumage.

It provides all the necessary nutrients and the right protein intake for optimal and balanced growth of young people. It is a food with an excellent palatability, indicated for the diet of all granivorous birds and the psittacids during the hatching and breeding period. Also ideal for lipochromic canaries (white, mosaic, brined, etc.).
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