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Food suitable for melanin and lipochromic canaries, does not contain substances and products that can cause color changes like gilding, depigmentazioni plumage.
Food suitable for coloring canaries red factor. The amount of dye to be mixed with the feed is linked to the use of unifeed: if used as a single food, the dosage is 1/3 compared to the usual doses used (2 grams per kg. of product is recommended). Used instead as a supplement to the traditional diet, the recommended dose is the one usually used by the farmer.

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Reproduction: unifeed particularly rich in vitamins, provitamins and microelements to be administered about 2 months before the deposition (late winter-early spring); stimulates the subjects to the mating, increases the fecundity and favors a correct hatching of the eggs.
Breeding: unifeed with a higher protein content, mineral salts and vit. D for a correct growth of the pullus; it is utilized from when the eggs are hatched (or one day or two before) up to the weaning of the young; it is recommended the exclusive administration and in the "humid" form.
Wetsuit: unifeed with a higher content of sulfur amino acids and zinc to support the metabolism in a delicate period such as that of the wetsuit.
Maintenance: unifeed throughout the year, for subjects not in reproduction or just weaned, for females in incubation. It has the function of supporting and restoring liver function after metabolic stress such as egg deposition (females) and moulting.
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  • Hatching preparation
  • Maintenance
  • Molt
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