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The greater nutritional requirement and the lesser digestive capacity of the nestlings has led to a special and specific alimentary research.

VITOVO fully meets the dietary needs of young people : energy, hyperprotein, complete with vitamins and minerals.
VITOVO provides the essential and essential elements for proper growth and maintenance of an optimal physiological state.
VITOVO , combination of substances of easy digestibility, allows the maintenance of a good state of health thanks to the contribution of vitamins, amino acids and mineral elements.

The administration of VITOVO is recommended from the first days of life by 'imbecco (after diluting the VITOVO with a quantity of water such as to obtain a soft creamy and velvety) or associated with the dough in the percentage of 10%-20%.

IT IS USED all the year round in greater quantity during the periods of pre-cova, hatching, breeding and weaning of the nestlings.
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